Coca Cola Company





The Coca-Cola Company
Atlanta, GA

Jones Worley’s repeat business with the world’s No. 1 soft drink manufacturer is a testament to the firm’s high-quality work. Over the years, JW has:

      • Created a brand for Coca-Cola’s United Way campaign. The project included designing employee communications collateral highlighting the partnership between the corporation and the nonprofit; creating a logo and signs for the giving campaign’s kickoff, results and related events, and designing letterhead for fundraising correspondence
      • Designed and produced a logo and brochure for Coca-Cola North America’s Diversity Suppliers that included marketing materials for prospective vendors on company policy. The materials were developed in collaboration with Coca-Cola, Minutemaid and Coca-Cola Enterprises.

      Jones Worley’s long-term relationship with Coca-Cola is one of the company’s many success stories.